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If learning is a journey, how do we bridge the gap between where we are now to where we need to be?

The eLearning solution from Commercial Express takes you through the gears of insurance compliance, product awareness, business skills courses and assessment. CE Learning: Online enables you to find, access and track your progress with interactive courses, videos, articles and features. Navigate your way around bite-sized modules or full-length courses with our quick and simple system.

The best learning experiences are designed with a destination in mind, and our brokers can take advantage of CE Learning: Online completely free of charge.

Take a trip through an array of content, such as technical and regulatory modules, course leadership and management, communication skills, compliance and health and safety. Product knowledge, CPD tracking and fun and games are included en route. Buckle up and enjoy the journey with us.

Commercial Express Learning Latest News and Updates

Latest News and Updates

Keeping our learners in the loop with all of the latest news, information and company updates is a crucial part of CE Learning: Online. The journey starts where the learner begins and we are dedicated to taking you with us and ‘insuring your development’.

With things constantly going on, stay updated with our latest news:

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Take the high road with our huge selection of content available in the course library. Courses range from insurance compliance, product awareness, business and development skills.

Brokers can embark on their own first-class learning journey and take advantage of educational pathways whenever they choose. With new courses being checked in all the time, there is no reason to get off a stop early. See the learning world with CE Learning: Online.

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CE Learning Online Brochure

The CE Learning brochure is your ticket to all the necessary information about the eLearning platform. As well as web-based studying, brokers can also access our other learning services such as webinars and in person. This is a round trip of development and a full learning experience.

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Commercial Express Learning Client Testimonials


See what other learners have to say as they embark on their own personal journey…

I have thoroughly enjoyed using CE Learning: Online. It’s a great way to take in information. I wish this was available when I had started my career in insurance.

- Tom Bragagnolo of Riviera Insurance


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